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Air Conditioning Wollongong

Welcome to Air Conditioning Wollongong, your premier destination for top-notch electrical and security solutions in the Illawarra region. At Illawarra Electrical & Security, we take pride in delivering unparalleled services to enhance your comfort and safety. Our expert team is dedicated to providing exceptional air conditioning solutions tailored to the unique needs of Wollongong residents. From installation to maintenance, we are committed to ensuring your indoor environment is both comfortable and secure. Trust Illawarra Electrical & Security for all your electrical and air conditioning needs, and let us redefine excellence in service for you.

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Need A Reliable, Air Conditioning Electrician Near You?

In the heart of Wollongong and Illawarra region, Illawarra Electrical & Security stands as the premier destination for all your electrical and air conditioning needs. Whether you’re seeking routine electrical services or find yourself in the midst of an electrical or air conditioning emergency, our dedicated team of experienced and fully licensed electricians is strategically positioned in your local area. This ensures a swift response to your call, offering not only electrical solutions but also comprehensive air conditioning expertise.

With over a decade of service to your community, we take immense pride in our proven track record of delivering fast and effective solutions for any electrical or air conditioning challenge. Our commitment to excellence extends to our air conditioning services, where we provide installation, repair, and maintenance services tailored to your specific needs.

At Illawarra Electrical & Security, we understand the significance of a comfortable and climate-controlled environment. Our skilled technicians are well-versed in the latest air conditioning technologies and industry best practices. Whether you’re looking to install a new air conditioning system, upgrade your existing one, or need prompt repairs, our team has the expertise to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency.

We stand behind our work with a lifetime labor warranty, ensuring your peace of mind not only for electrical solutions but also for any air conditioning services we provide. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements ensures that you receive the highest level of service, whether it’s for electrical or air conditioning needs.

Illawarra Electrical & Security’s 24/7 services cater to general concerns and handle air conditioning emergencies, day or night. Contact us now at 0414 449 884 to have a skilled electrician and air conditioning specialist at your doorstep within minutes, or conveniently schedule an appointment online. Experience the utmost in comfort and reliability with our comprehensive electrical and air conditioning services.


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Air Conditioning Wollongong



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When it comes to reliable and efficient air conditioning installations in Wollongong, Illawarra Electrical & Security stands out as a beacon of trust among the locals. With a solid reputation built on years of dedicated service and a commitment to customer satisfaction, this company has become the go-to choice for cooling solutions in the region.

For air conditioning installations in Wollongong that locals trust, Illawarra Electrical & Security is the name that shines brightly. With a track record of excellence and a commitment to customer satisfaction, this company continues to be a reliable partner in keeping Wollongong cool and comfortable.

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Air Conditioning Wollongong


Our Air Conditioning Services in Wollongong

Daikin Air Conditioning Wollongong Near Me Illawarra

Daikin Air Conditioning

Daikin Air Conditioning stands as a beacon of excellence in the industry, consistently regarded as one of the best choices for cooling solutions. Renowned for its cutting-edge technology, energy efficiency, and whisper-quiet operation, Daikin units provide an unmatched level of comfort. The precision engineering and innovative features of Daikin systems make them a top choice for those seeking uncompromising quality. While Daikin may come with a premium price tag, the investment pays off with superior performance, reliability, and a level of cooling sophistication that sets it apart as the pinnacle of air conditioning technology.

Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Wollongong Near Me Illawarra

Mitsubishi Industrial Air Conditioning

Mitsubishi Industrial Air Conditioning competes head-to-head with Daikin, offering a compelling alternative at a more competitive price point. Known for its durability and efficiency, Mitsubishi's lineup delivers performance comparable to its high-end counterparts. The brand's commitment to technological advancement ensures that users benefit from features that enhance both comfort and energy savings. Mitsubishi Industrial Air Conditioning strikes a balance between quality and cost-effectiveness, making it an attractive option for those who seek top-tier performance without breaking the bank.

Haier Air Conditioner Wollongong Installer

Haier Air Conditioning

Haier Air Conditioning caters to the budget-conscious consumer without sacrificing quality. Recognized for its affordability, Haier units provide effective cooling solutions for residential and small commercial spaces. Despite its budget-friendly nature, Haier maintains a commitment to reliability and durability, ensuring that customers receive a product that meets their cooling needs without compromising on performance. For those looking for a cost-effective yet dependable air conditioning option, Haier stands out as a reliable and practical choice.

Samsung Air Conditioner Installer Wollongong

Samsung Air Conditioning

Samsung Air Conditioning, a household name in consumer electronics, extends its reach into the realm of cooling solutions. While not considered top-tier in the market, Samsung offers budget-friendly air conditioning units that carry the reliability associated with the brand. These units may not boast the same advanced features as higher-end competitors, but they provide a decent level of performance for those with more modest cooling requirements. Samsung Air Conditioning is a suitable choice for consumers who prioritize brand recognition, affordability, and a basic level of cooling functionality.

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Why Should You Choose Illawarra Electrical?

Trusted Local Presence

Illawarra Electrical & Security has established itself as a trusted and reputable local business. With a strong presence in the Illawarra region, the company is deeply connected to the community and understands the specific needs and challenges faced by locals. Choosing Illawarra Electrical & Security means opting for a service provider that values community relationships and is dedicated to delivering exceptional service to its neighbors.

Comprehensive Services

Illawarra Electrical & Security is a one-stop solution for a range of services, including electrical work and security system installations. This comprehensive approach allows clients to address multiple needs with a single trusted provider. From air conditioning installations to advanced security solutions, the company's diverse offerings make it a convenient choice for those looking for a wide array of electrical and security services.

Personalized Solutions

Recognizing that each client has unique requirements, Illawarra Electrical & Security emphasizes personalized solutions. The company takes the time to understand the specific needs of its clients, tailoring services to meet individual preferences and budget constraints. This commitment to customization ensures that customers receive solutions that are not only effective but also aligned with their expectations.

Skilled and Experienced Technicians

The company boasts a team of skilled and experienced technicians who bring a wealth of knowledge to every project. Whether it's electrical work or security system installations, Illawarra Electrical & Security ensures that its technicians are well-trained and up-to-date with the latest industry standards. This expertise translates into reliable and efficient services, giving clients confidence in the quality of workmanship.

Commitment to Transparency

Illawarra Electrical & Security places a high value on transparency throughout the service process. From initial consultations to project completion, the company keeps clients informed about every aspect of the job, including costs, timelines, and potential challenges. This commitment to openness builds trust and allows clients to make informed decisions about their electrical and security needs.

Focus on Customer Satisfaction

At the core of Illawarra Electrical & Security's business philosophy is a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. The company goes the extra mile to ensure that clients are not just content with the end result but delighted with the overall service experience. This dedication to customer happiness has earned Illawarra Electrical & Security a loyal client base and positive reviews within the community.

Illawarra Electrical & Security

Illawarra Electrical & Security Is Local To You

At Illawarra Electrical, we are dedicated to ensuring the safety of every home in Wollongong through the implementation of efficient and industry-approved electrical solutions. Our licensed electricians continually undergo training, even with over a decade of experience in delivering top-notch services, and our commitment to excellence shows no signs of waning. Serving the entirety of the Wollongong area, Illawarra Electrical & Security guarantees prompt assistance whenever you require it, providing you with peace of mind knowing that immediate support is always at your disposal.


Expert Emergency Electricians in Wollongong At Your Service

No matter what time of the day it is, Illawarra Electrical is here to solve all your electrical problems! With years of experience in the business of electrical works, we have grown to be the most trusted expert electricians in Wollongong. We provide 24/7 professional services for both emergency and general cases, so you can rest easy knowing that you always have us around to help – even if it’s the middle of the night.

We’ve safeguarded hundreds of Wollongong homes from electrical dangers for over 10 years, and we continue to strengthen our expertise today. With Illawarra Electrical & Security, you can be confident that your electrical system is handled by licensed, qualified and experienced electricians.

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Choose Illawarra Electrical For Your Air Conditioning in Wollongong

With a team of experienced and highly skilled technicians, Illawarra Electrical & Security ensures that your air conditioning installation is handled by professionals who have a deep understanding of the industry. Their expertise guarantees a seamless installation process and optimal performance of your air conditioning system.

We always stay connected with our Wollongong community through our 24/7 customer care hotline. You can book an electrician with us any time of the day, 7 days a week, because we understand that electrical emergencies can strike any time. If you want an experienced professional who can get the job done right the first time, call Illawarra Electrical at 0414 449 884.

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Jessica Mitchell
Jessica Mitchell
These guys took the time to deal with our issue and were honest and knowledgeable throughout the whole process. Priced well. Will be using them again for sure and would recommend them to everyone!
Nat Good
Nat Good
Very impressed with the guys from Illawarra electrical! Home had a broken circuit breaker, they were super quick to respond to our inquiry, we hear when they said they would, resolved the issue quick, were very polite and great pricing. We won’t hesitate to use Illawarra electrical in the future! Thanks again guys!
Diana K
Diana K
What champions Bekim and team from Illawarra Electrical & Security. The service was remarkable from start to finish. They fixed my hot water system in no time. It was an absolute pleasure to do business with Illawarra Electrical & Security. Highly recommended!
Eliza Treble
Eliza Treble
Very happy with this company. They were on time, fairly priced and just good people. Thank you!
Vishal Singh
Vishal Singh
True Professionals
James Cashin
James Cashin
Friendly tradesmen who were extremely thorough with the job at hand. Can’t recommend enough. Thanks guys.
Chris Richards
Chris Richards
Highly recommend! A professional and honest team that does quality work.
Josh Kerekes
Josh Kerekes
Very professional work completed by the guys nothing was an issue
Justin B
Justin B
Bekim from Illawarra Electrical & Security was referred to me by my real estate agent for an electric oven replacement. I had booked Bekim in for the install, however he noticed the oven Harvey Norman delivered was incorrect and so he contacted me about this instead of just proceeding with installing. I was impressed with this level of communication from Bekim. Because of this, I found out that the correct oven I needed was out of stock with Harvey Norman and all other main resellers. At this point, where most tradies would just leave and charge you for their call-out, Bekim went the extra mile to help me and contacted all his suppliers to find the model I needed (and got it at a better price than Harvey Norman). It was installed within the week, and the finishing around the oven (i.e. skirting, trims, etc) was finished off neatly. I have never dealt with a more competent, professional and punctual tradesman and I now refer Bekim to anyone in need of an electrician.


Having a black out can be a real nuisance, but what can you do to try and make this issue more bearable? Here are a few handy tips to prepare you for power outages.

Experiencing a power outage:

  • Turn off any electrical devices and unplug them to prevent any damage to them should a  power surge occur

  • Check your trip switches or fuses in your main switchboard to check for wiring or appliance faults. If your trip switches are in the off position it’s likely that an appliance or wiring fault is the cause of your outage, if you are not comfortable dealing with this it is best to call one of our friendly electricians who can help you out.

  •  Turn off light switches to conserve energy in case the power comes back on and you are not home. If you are staying home, leaving one light on can be a good indicator to alert you that your power is back on.

  • If your trip switches are still in the on position it is likely that this is not an isolated outage. Check your neighbour’s to see if they have also lost power. You can get more information around the outage by calling or going online to your electrical providers site to see if the outage is more than just your home, you can also get estimates for how long the power will be out.

  • Try to keep your  fridge and freezer doors shut for as long as possible to keep your items as cool for as long as possible. Once the power has come back on check that none of your food has spoiled and dispose if necessary.


Being prepared for a power outage:

  • Keep a stock of batteries, torches, candles and matches – making sure to not leave any unexposed flames unattended or close to curtains or flammables in the event of an outage

  • Educate family members on what to do in the event of a power outage

Burning smells such as melting plastic or burned wires, can be a clear indicator that the electrical component in an appliance or your home wiring could be failing. Noticing this smell and acting on it quickly can be the difference between a small issue and a more dangerous concern.

If the smell is coming from an appliance:

  • Unplug the unit and discontinue use

  • If the unit is old it may be time to replace it

  • Call the unit’s manufacturer to see what your best options are


If the smell is coming from an outlet/power point:

  • Unplug anything in the outlet and discontinue use of that outlet

  • Call a Service Today Electrician to come and check your wiring and resolve the issue causing the smell before it turns into an electrical disaster

  • DO NOT attempt to remove the power point cover to see what is going on. Electricity is  a dangerous form of energy and should be dealt with by a licensed professional ONLY.

Today the after shock or issue from electric shocks from appliances are less common thanks to RCD switches, however homes built prior to the 1980’s do not have these built into them. If you are living in an older home and concerned about the after affects should this type of problem occur speak to our team about getting your switchboard modified.

  • Call an ambulance

  • Keep the injured person still until the ambulance arrives

  • If the shocked person is seizing do not try to restrain them, simply remove any objects that could further injure them from the area and if possible try to keep them in recovery position

  • Unplug the appliance and turn off the main house power to avoid any further issues

  • Call an electrician to come check your wiring and switchboard

Electrical fires can be caused by numerous things such as faulty or old electrical outlets, overloaded or exposed wiring, outdated appliances or from storing flammable items near lightbulbs. Experiencing these can be quite overwhelming and its important to remember these handy tips:

  • NEVER USE WATER. – unlike other types of fires, water can fuel an electrical fire and make things worse

  • Call the Fire department ASAP and if someone has been injured make sure to also call the ambulance

  • If possible use an electrical fire extinguisher to put out the fire if you are sufficiently trained to do so, if not leave the site immediately.Your safety and the safety of your loved ones is the most important thing.

Taking preventative measures to minimise the chances of an electrical fire can help keep you and your family safe and give you peace of mind. Service Today offers electrical inspections to ensure your home wiring is up to code and help prevent any issues from arising. Call our friendly team now to learn more about safeguarding your home.

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